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A company called Eufy focuses on providing security systems for homes. The Eufy continuous recording function is one of their best-selling items. With the use of this function, customers may record video from their security cameras around-the-clock, allowing them to record everything that happens inside the camera’s field of vision. The captured video is stored in the cloud and is accessible whenever you want via the Eufy app.

Users may ensure they never miss a moment and have access to the video they want in case of an emergency by using the continuous recording option. Additionally, the captured video is safely kept, giving consumers confidence that their privacy is safeguarded. Users of Eufy have total control over the security of their homes because of the function that allows for continuous recording.

Benefits of Eufy’s Continuous Recording

The advantages of the Eufy continuous recording capability include:

24/7 coverageContinuous recording ensures that consumers never miss a moment since security cameras are always taking pictures.
Access to footageVideo recordings are accessible at any time through the Eufy app since they are saved in the cloud. Users may easily check videos and keep an eye on their houses thanks to this.
Peace of mindEven when users aren’t home, the recorded video gives them a record of what transpired there. In an emergency situation or when they need to check in on their house while they are away, this may be extremely helpful.
Improved securityBecause prospective intruders are aware that their activities are being filmed, continuous filming serves to dissuade them.
Secure storageUsers may rest easy knowing that their privacy is safeguarded since the recorded video is saved safely in the cloud.
Cost-effectiveWithout the need for pricey security equipment, the continuous recording offers customers total control over the security of their homes.
Benefits of Eufy’s continuous recording

Overall, the continuous recording function of Eufy is a useful tool for anybody wishing to increase their home’s security and have access to a full record of everything that occurs there.

Eufy Continuous Recording Features

Eufy recording camera
Eufy recording camera

Several important elements of the Eufy continuous recording function include:

  1. 24/7 recording: The security cameras are always recording, giving customers a detailed account of everything that occurs in their homes—even when they aren’t there.
  2. Cloud storage: Users may view the recorded video at any time using the Eufy app since it is kept in the cloud.
  3. Easy access: Reviewing the recorded video is simple for consumers thanks to the Eufy app.
  4. Secure storage: Secure recording and storage: Users may rest easy knowing that their privacy is safeguarded since the recorded video is saved safely in the cloud.
  5. Alerts: Users may enable the continuous recording function to send alerts to their smartphones when motion is detected, enabling them to swiftly check on their house.
  6. Customizable settings: Settings that may be changed: Users can alter the continuous recording options to suit their own requirements, including the recording schedule.
  7. Integration with other Eufy products: To provide a comprehensive and seamless home security solution, the continuous recording capability may be combined with other Eufy security devices, such as doorbells and security systems.

Overall, the Eufy continuous recording function gives consumers a strong tool for increasing home security and offers a variety of capabilities to match their unique demands and give them total control over home security.

How to set up Eufy Continuous Recording

The Eufy continuous recording function may be set up easily by doing the following:

  1. Install the Eufy Security app: Downloading and installing the Eufy Security software on your mobile device is the first step.
  2. Connect your security cameras: Make sure your Eufy security cameras are turned on and within the Wi-Fi network’s range before connecting them to your home network.
  3. Add cameras to the app: Launch the Eufy Security mobile app, and then hit the “Add Camera” button to add your cameras. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the setup process.
  4. Enable continuous recording: Once the cameras have been added to the app, go to the “Settings” area and choose “Continuous Recording” to enable continuous recording. From there, you can customize the recording schedule to suit your unique requirements and activate continuous recording for each camera.
  5. Check the recorded video: The Eufy Security app now allows you to review recorded videos at any moment to see what’s occurring in your house.

Overall, setting up the Eufy continuous recording function is a simple procedure that only requires a few steps to accomplish. You can fully manage your home’s security and never miss a minute if the continuous recording is activated.

How to use Eufy continuous recording

Eufy continuous recording
Eufy continuous recording

The Eufy continuous recording function is easy to use and can be accessed by following these steps:

  1. Start the Eufy Security application: Start the Eufy Security app on your smartphone.
  2. View live stream: By selecting the “Live” option in the app, you can see the live feed from your security cameras.
  3. Access recorded video: Go to the “Recording” area of the app to access the recorded footage. You may choose the precise time period you wish to study when viewing the video from each camera here.
  4. Save footage: Playback of recorded video is as simple as tapping the “Play” button after choosing the time frame you wish to review.
  5. Save footage: You may save a particular segment of the captured video by selecting it and then selecting “Save” from the app’s menu. The recorded video will be kept on your smartphone and accessible at any time in the picture library.
  6. Share footage: By selecting the “Share” option in the app, you may also send others the recorded video. Depending on your particular requirements, you may decide to distribute the film by email, social media, or other channels.

Overall, the Eufy continuous recording function is easy to use and gives customers total control over the video that has been captured from their security cameras. The Eufy Security app makes it simple to check in on your house, examine videos from a specified time period, or share videos with others.

Troubleshooting Eufy’s continuous recording

Troubleshooting Eufy's continuous recording
Troubleshooting Eufy’s continuous recording

Here are some typical Eufy continuous recording problems and solutions:

  1. Camera not recording: If your camera is not recording, check to see that it is turned on and that it is in range of your Wi-Fi network. If the problem still exists, try resetting the camera and making sure that continuous recording is enabled in the recording options in the Eufy Security app.
  2. Video not appearing in the app: Check your internet connection and make sure the camera is within the Wi-Fi network range if the captured video is not appearing in the Eufy Security app. If the problem continues, restart the app and make sure the camera is connected correctly by checking the app’s camera settings.
  3. Recording schedule not functioning: If the recording schedule is not functioning, make sure the proper schedule is set in the recording settings of the Eufy Security app. Try rebooting the camera and app, and then check the recording settings once again if the problem still exists.
  4. Problems with cloud storage: Check your internet connection to make sure it is steady and fast enough to support cloud storage if you are having problems with cloud storage, such as sluggish or inconsistent access to the recorded video. Try contacting Eufy customer service for help if the problem continues.
  5. Notifications not working: Verify that the alert settings in the Eufy Security app are turned on if you’re not getting alerts when motion is detected. Try restarting the program and reviewing the alert settings once again if the problem still exists.

In general, the first thing to do if you’re having problems with Eufy continuous recording is to check the settings and make sure everything is configured properly. Try rebooting the camera and app, and check your internet connection, if the problem still exists. For help, if you’re still experiencing issues, get in touch with Eufy customer service.

Alternatives to Eufy’s continuous recording

You may choose from a number of options for Eufy’s continuous recording, including:

  1. Nest Cam: A popular security camera from Google-owned Nest, the Nest Cam provides 24/7 continuous recording for a fee. It has a modern style, and crystal-clear video, and seamlessly works with other Nest gadgets.
  2. Arlo Pro: Arlo Pro is a wireless security camera system with continuous recording that is simple to extend to cover other locations in your house. It has a durable battery, great video quality, and weather resistance.
  3. Ring Stick Up Cam: Ring Stick Up Cam is a flexible security camera that can be used both indoors and outside. With a monthly subscription, it delivers continuous recording. It has a small footprint, crisp video quality, and seamlessly works with other Ring devices.
  4. Blink XT2: The Blink XT2 is a wireless security camera with continuous recording, weather-resistant construction, a long battery life, and great video quality.
  5. Security cameras from ADT: ADT is a well-known manufacturer of home security systems and provides a selection of cameras with options for continuous recording. They provide expert installation, round-the-clock surveillance, and seamless integration with other ADT security devices.

The ideal option for you will rely on your unique demands and preferences. Each of these possibilities has unique features and advantages. Compare the available alternatives carefully, then choose the one that best satisfies your demands for ongoing recording and home security.

FAQs(Frequently Asked Questions)

How does EUFY continuous recording work?

The video footage from Eufy’s security cameras is recorded and kept on a cloud-based storage platform as part of the continuous recording feature. The Eufy Security app provides access to the video that the cameras continually capture and save in the cloud. This is a safe and practical method to keep an eye on your house and enables you to see live and recorded video from anywhere at any time. Eufy’s continuous recording also has motion detection and alerts so you’ll be informed if anything unusual occurs in your house.

How do I record longer on the EUFY camera?

You may sign up for a cloud storage plan with greater storage capacity to record for longer on your Eufy camera. By doing this, you’ll be able to save more video and keep it available for a longer time. To lessen the quantity of film that is collected and kept, you may also lower the frequency of the camera’s motion detection or modify the motion detection sensitivity. You must open the Eufy Security app and go to the camera’s recording settings in order to modify these settings. You may increase the length of time that video is retained and captured on your Eufy camera by making these changes.

Does the EUFY doorbell have 24/7 recording?

The Eufy doorbell can really allow continuous recording. You may view the recorded video at any time with a cloud storage subscription, and the doorbell will constantly record video even when there is no motion detected. This function offers a practical method to keep a watch on your house and any activity at your front entrance. Using the Eufy Security app, you can view the recorded video from anywhere since it is saved in the cloud. Even if you’re not at home, you will still get notifications and motion detection from the doorbell when someone approaches your front door.


  • Continuous recording from Eufy offers a practical and efficient approach to watching over and safeguarding your house.
  • You can monitor your house at any time from anywhere thanks to its capacity to continually capture video and save it in the cloud.
  • Cloud storage offers a safe and practical method to save and retrieve video, and the motion detection and alerts make it simple to keep informed about what’s occurring in your house.
  • Eufy’s continuous recording is a great choice if you’re searching for a means to keep an eye on your house while you’re away or simply want to feel secure knowing that you can immediately retrieve video of any incidents that happen.


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