How to Transfer Your Ring Doorbell to a New Owner in Just a Few Simple Steps


Do you intend to transfer ownership of your Ring doorbell to a new owner? Even though moving this kind of gadget might be challenging, you can make it simple and hassle-free by following these simple steps. This tutorial will show you how to quickly transfer your Ring doorbell to a new owner whether you’re selling it or giving it as a gift. We’ll demonstrate how to disconnect the device from your account, transfer ownership, and re-establish contact with the new owner.

Benefits of Ring Doorbells

Benefits of Ring Doorbells
Benefits of Ring Doorbells

Ring doorbells offer homeowners a number of advantages, including convenience and peace of mind. These doorbells come with a variety of functions, are simple to operate and install, and are a terrific option for any house.

Peace of mindWhile you’re gone from home, Ring Doorbells provide you with confidence. They include motion sensors and notifications so you can be aware of activities around your home, as well as a two-way audio capability so you can converse with guests. Also, you may alter the motion parameters to suit your preferences.
Eye on your home’s securityRing Doorbells make it simpler to monitor the security of your property. With the Ring app, you can see a live video stream of your front door and get alerts when your motion sensor or doorbell is activated. The software also allows you to communicate with guests and even remotely open your front door.
Convenience and FlexibilityWhen it comes to home automation, Ring Doorbells provide versatility and ease. With the Ring app, you can conveniently operate your doorbell from any location. You can also connect your Ring Doorbell to other smart home systems like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.
Benefits of Ring Doorbells

Reasons for Transferring Your Ring Doorbell

Reasons for Transferring Your Ring Doorbell
Reasons for Transferring Your Ring Doorbell

You may want to buy a Ring Doorbell with the intention of selling it to another person later on. It’s critical to comprehend the procedure for handing over your Ring Doorbell to a new owner whether you’re relocating, selling your home, or just giving it to a family member. Fortunately, the procedure is rather easy to understand.

You may wish to give your Ring Doorbell to a new owner for a number of reasons. If you’re selling your house, that’s one of the most typical explanations. It makes sense to give them a Ring Doorbell before you go since it may be a terrific security precaution for a new homeowner. You may also want to bring your Ring Doorbell with you if you’re moving to a new house. You may maintain the same degree of security in your new house as you did in your previous one in this manner.

Lastly, it’s crucial to comprehend the transfer procedure if you want to gift your Ring Doorbell to a friend or family member. Hence, the new owner may take advantage of all the advantages of owning a Ring Doorbell.

Step-by-Step Guide to Transferring Your Ring Doorbell

You should ensure that the new owner of a Ring doorbell has complete access to it if you want to sell or give one away. Thankfully, changing the owner of your Ring doorbell is a rather easy procedure. The actions you must take to guarantee a flawless transfer are listed below.

  1. To start, delete the doorbell from the Ring app. Just launch the app and choose the doorbell you want to remove.
  2. When the doorbell has been removed, use the setup button on the back of the device to do a factory reset.
  3. The new owner must install the gadget to their own Ring app when the reset is finished.
  4. You may remove the gadget from your app when the new owner has loaded it.
  5. The last step is for the new owner to register for a Ring account and connect their doorbell.

All there is to it is that! You can quickly transfer ownership of your Ring doorbell to a new owner by following these instructions.

How to Create a New Account for the New Owner

It’s crucial to create a new account for the recipient of your Ring Doorbell when you give it to them so they can use it. To assist you to set up a new Ring account for the new owner, follow these easy steps:

  1. Click “Create Account” on the Ring website.
  2. Complete the necessary fields and press “Continue”.
  3. Type the address of the new owner and press “Submit”.
  4. Choose your Ring Doorbell device from the list and click “Continue”.
  5. Type the name of the new owner and any other pertinent data.
  6. After choosing your payment option, click “Next”.
  7. Review the Terms and Conditions and click “Agree”.
  8. To complete the procedure, click “Create Account”.

You must give the new owner of your Ring Doorbell ownership after you have established the account. To do this, go into your Ring account and follow the instructions provided in the Ring app.

How to Transfer Your Subscription Plan to the New Owner

How to Transfer Your Subscription Plan to the New Owner
How to Transfer Your Subscription Plan to the New Owner

It’s simple to transfer your Ring Doorbell subscription plan to the new owner. You only need to adhere to a few easy instructions.

You must first log in to the Ring app and then choose the Subscription tab. Next, choose the appropriate plan and press the “Manage” button. A list of the devices connected to the plan will then appear. Click “Transfer to another account” from the drop-down box after choosing the device you wish to transfer.

Click “Next” after entering the email address of the new owner. An email message with a link to accept the transfer will be sent to the new owner. You’ll get a confirmation email after the transfer has been approved by the new owner, and the subscription plan will then be instantly transferred.

I’m done now! Transferring your membership plan to the new owner of your Ring Doorbell is that easy. The new owner can see and control the subscription plan when the transfer is finished. Also, they may add devices to the same project.

We really hope that this post has made it clear how to transfer your Ring Doorbell membership plan to the new owner.

How to Make Sure the New Owner Can Access Your Doorbell

To ensure that the new owner can use the gadget to its best extent, make sure they can access your Ring Doorbell. To make sure they have access, follow these suggestions:

Make sure the device is removed from your Ring app before turning on the “Transfer Ownership” option. You will no longer be able to use the doorbell, allowing the new owner to take over.

Second, provide your Ring login credentials to the new owner so they may activate the device in the Ring app. They must be able to do this in order to manage settings, get alerts, and see any recordings that are created.

Finally, make sure the new owner understands how the doorbell works in its most basic form. This includes instructing them on how to take a picture, make a video, and change the settings.

Last but not least, be careful to provide the new owner the updated access details if they plan to use a WiFi network other than the one you used for the Ring Doorbell. By doing so, they can guarantee that the device is linked to their network and that they can access it using the Ring app.

By following these instructions, the new owner may access their Ring Doorbell and make the most of it.

Troubleshooting Tips

Troubleshooting Tips
Troubleshooting Tips

It may seem like a difficult undertaking to transfer Ring doorbells to a new owner. Thankfully, you may quickly and simply transfer your doorbell to a new owner by following a few easy steps.

It’s crucial to troubleshooting any possible difficulties that may come up throughout the shift in order to guarantee a smooth changeover. To get you started, consider the following troubleshooting suggestions:

  1. Ensure that the Ring app is current. When transferring ownership, ensure the most current Ring software is loaded on your device.
  2. Request that the new owner downloads the Ring app. The new owner has to download the Ring app and register an account before starting the transfer procedure.
  3. Double-check the settings on the device. Before changing ownership, double-check the settings on your device. This can avoid any unforeseen issues.
  4. Verify any changes. When transferring ownership, ensure your Ring doorbell has the most current firmware upgrades. This will guarantee trouble-free access to the gadget for the subsequent owner.
  5. Speak with customer service. Ring customer care is available at any time if you cannot address any problems you may be experiencing on your own.

Best Practices for Transferring Your Ring Doorbell

It doesn’t have to be difficult to transfer ownership of your Ring Doorbell. You can ensure the transfer runs as smoothly as possible by adhering to these best practices.

If the new owner doesn’t already have a Ring account, you need first establish one for them. The doorbell’s settings will then be fully in the new owner’s hands.

Before you transfer the doorbell, you should first delete all current users and devices from your Ring app. The next owner will be able to connect their own gadgets and any misunderstanding will be avoided.

Finally, before moving the doorbell, make sure you reset it. This will make sure that the doorbell may be set up by the next owner without any problems.

Last but not least, it’s a good idea to provide the new owner with the doorbell’s product information and instructions. This will make it easier for them to set up and begin utilizing the doorbell right away.

You can make sure that the handover of your Ring Doorbell to a new owner happens as fast and efficiently as possible according to these instructions.

FAQs(Frequently Asked Questions)

Can my Ring doorbell be transferred to a new owner?

Your Ring doorbell may be transferred to a new owner. The only need is that the new owner approves the transfer of your Ring doorbell to their account and that they have a Ring account. The new owner may begin using the Ring Doorbell as soon as the transfer is approved.

How can I give a new owner access to my Ring doorbell?

Changing the ownership of a Ring Doorbell to a new owner is quick and straightforward to perform. You must first launch the Ring app and choose the device you want to transfer. The next step is to choose “Transfer Device,” and then “Send Invite” after entering the email address of the new owner. The invitation will then be sent via email to the new owner. The gadget will be added to their Ring account after it has been approved.

When it is passed to the new owner, what happens to the doorbell?

When the Ring doorbell is passed to the new owner, they will have to set up their own account and log in to the Ring app. Once logged in, they will be able to start setting up and customizing the device according to their preferences. They will also have access to any previous settings, recordings, and notifications that were assigned to the doorbell by the previous owner.


Transferring your Ring Doorbell to a new owner is easier than it may seem and can be done in just a few simple steps. Once you’ve removed the device from your home and completed the setup process, you can safely hand it over to the new owner.

By following the above instructions, you should be able to quickly and easily transfer your Ring doorbell to a new owner. Don’t forget to erase all your personal data before doing so, as this will ensure that the new user can enjoy their device without any risk of exposing your previous data. And finally, make sure the new owner is aware of all the Ring doorbell’s features and settings so that they can get the most out of their device


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