Sony TV Not Turning ON (Fix It)

Sony TV Not Turning ON (Fix It)

Do not be concerned if your Sony TV won’t turn on. You are not alone. There are a few potential fixes for the frequent problem where a Sony TV won’t turn on that many customers have experienced.

This blog article will outline detailed procedures for fixing a Sony TV that won’t switch on. We’ll also advise you on how to prevent the problem from happening again. You may discover a solution that works for you whether you’re a computer guru or a newbie.

Why Your Sony TV Won’t Turn On: Troubleshooting

Sony TV Not Turning ON
troubleshooting your sony tv

Don’t freak out if your Sony TV won’t turn on! This problem may often be fixed with a few simple troubleshooting techniques.

Ensure the TV is plugged in and the power cable is firmly attached to the wall socket first. To test if an outlet is defective, plug something else into it. Test another outlet if the one the TV is plugged into is functional.

  1. Next, inspect the TV’s power switch. Press the power switch to turn on the TV if it is currently off. If the switch is already turned on, flip it back and forth.
  2. Try disconnecting the TV from the wall socket for 30 seconds, then plugging it back in if the problem persists. The TV could turn on as a result of this reset.
  3. If the TV still doesn’t turn on, the power cord may need to be changed.
  4. Finally, if everything else fails, you may contact a repair business to assist with issue diagnosis and remedy.

These troubleshooting techniques should assist you in determining the cause of your Sony TV’s inability to switch on.

Restart Your Sony Television

Don’t freak out if your Sony TV won’t turn on! Oftentimes, a simple reset will solve the issue. To reset your Sony TV, follow these steps.

Disconnecting your TVThe first step is disconnecting your TV from the power socket and turning it off before re-plugging it back into the outlet and turning it back on after some time passes before plugging it back in and turning it back on. This allows the TV to reset itself and often fixes minor technical difficulties.
Remove the power cord.The first step is disconnecting your TV from the power socket and turning it off before re-plugging it back into the outlet and turning it back on after some time passes before plugging it back in and turning it back on. This allows the TV to reset itself and often fixes minor technical difficulties.
Verify each ConnectionIf it doesn’t work, disconnect the TV again and remove the power cable from its back. Verify each connection to ensure that it is safe. Put the power cable back in, plug the TV into the wall socket, and turn it on. Your Sony TV’s factory settings will be restored as a result.
Reset the TvYou may also reset your Sony TV using a TV remote if you have one. The remote’s power button should be pressed once, then held down for five seconds. The TV’s image, audio, and channel settings will all be reset as a result.
how to reset the sony tv

Lastly, you may reset your Sony TV to its factory default settings by going to the main menu of your device. Choose Settings, then System Settings, and finally, Factory Reset.

Changing the Battery in Your Sony TV Remote

If your Sony TV doesn’t switch on, there can be a problem with the battery or remote. If your Sony TV remote isn’t working, the battery can be the cause. Changing the battery is a simple remedy that requires a few straightforward steps.

The first step is finding out what kind of battery your Sony TV remote uses. The majority of Sony TV remotes need two AAA batteries. You must take out the old battery after determining the kind of battery. The battery could be housed in a separate compartment or integrated into the battery holder, depending on the kind of remote.

You may put the new battery in after removing the old one. Ensure that the battery’s positive and negative ends are appropriately positioned. You may test the remote after installing the new battery to ensure it operates correctly. You may need to replace the complete remote device if the remote does not function after that.

In most cases, changing the battery in a Sony TV remote won’t take more than a few minutes. If changing the battery doesn’t resolve the problem, you should contact Sony TV support for further help.

Examining the wall outlet and power cord

The power cable and wall socket should be checked first if your Sony TV won’t turn on. Ensure the wire is firmly connected to the TV’s power input and the wall socket. Try disconnecting and replugging it firmly if the connection or cable is weak or the device is not functioning properly. Replace the damaged cable with a fresh one.

power cord
examining the power cord

Next, ensure sure the wall outlet is operational. Test it by connecting a different device, such as a radio or light. Try connecting the gadget to a different outlet if it won’t switch on. You may need to call an electrician to inspect the wiring if none of the outlets function.

You should examine the TV’s power button after verifying that the power cable and wall socket are functioning correctly. Verify that the button is not stuck and is in the proper position, usually ON or OFF. Try turning on the TV if the button is in the incorrect spot, then move it back to the proper spot. If the button is stuck, try repeatedly pressing it up and down to unstick it.

Examining the Internal Parts of the Sony TV

A person with expertise and experience in electronics should only try to inspect the internal Sony TV components since it may be difficult. Nonetheless, the procedure may be pretty simple and beneficial for individuals who are ready to take on the task.

The television must be turned off and unplugged from the wall before you can begin. The rear panel must be gently removed to reach the TV’s internal parts. The back panel of your Sony TV may be fastened with screws or kept in place by a latch, depending on the model. You may start inspecting the parts after removing the panel.

You should examine the power supply board first. This board, which supplies power to the rest of the TV, has to be inspected for any damage indications, such as burned connections or frayed wires. The board has to be replaced if there any damage is discovered.

The main board’s capacitors should next be inspected. Electricity is stored and regulated by these components, which are susceptible to damage from electrical surges and everyday wear and tear. The capacitors should be changed if you see any bulging or fading.

The Internal Components Must Be Replaced

A Sony TV’s internal component replacement is a difficult and sensitive process that qualified experts or technicians should only handle. This procedure includes carefully inspecting the TV’s main board, power supply, and other potentially troublesome parts.

A technician will have to repair the defective internal components if they are found to cause the issue. To do this, the TV may need to be opened so that the main board, power supply, and other parts can be accessed. It is important to take precautions to prevent injury to the TV and its internal parts throughout the operation.

After removing the damaged components, the technician must put in replacements. To prevent any possible harm, the parts must be attached carefully and should be of the same kind and model as the original ones.

To ensure the new parts are working properly, the technician must test the TV at the end. The TV should be able to switch on and function normally if everything is in order.

A Sony TV’s internal component replacement might be a difficult and drawn-out operation. To get the greatest results, it is recommended to leave this work in the hands of qualified experts or specialists.

Contact the Support

contact suport
contact the support

After all possible troubleshooting measures have been exhausted and your Sony TV still won’t come on, you should contact Sony Customer Care. The Sony Customer Support staff is here to assist you, whether you need assistance locating the appropriate parts and accessories or advice on how to fix your Sony TV.

You may reach Sony’s customer service representatives whenever you need assistance since they are accessible around the clock. You may contact them via phone, email, or live chat. When you contact them, you may ask them for assistance with troubleshooting and directions on fixing your Sony TV.

The Sony Customer Care staff can assist you in locating the appropriate item or accessory if you are unsure of what you need to repair your Sony TV. They will be able to respond to any inquiries you may have regarding your particular model and provide you with suggestions and directions on how to set up the component correctly.

You may always contact Sony’s customer support service if you’re still unsure how to fix your Sony TV.


What prevents my Sony TV from going on, and why?

There might be a number of causes for your Sony TV not to turn on. They may be an unreliable power adapter, broken remote control, main board, or a power switch.

If my Sony TV won’t turn on, how can I repair it?

A. Verify that all of the wires are connected properly and firmly as a first step. You may need to verify the remote control, and all the cords are connected. You may need to examine the power adapter if the remote is operational. If all of them are in order, you may need to check the power switch or the main board.

Does it usually take a long time for my Sony TV to switch on?

No, your Sony TV taking a long time to switch on is not typical. The remote control and the power adapter should be tested to ensure proper operation. If everything is operating as it should, you may need to bring your TV to a specialist for further testing.


  • In conclusion, turning it on might be challenging if you are unfamiliar with a Sony TV.
  • Before undertaking any repairs, it is crucial to take the essential procedures to correctly analyze and identify the problem.
  • Getting help from a qualified specialist is advised if the problem cannot be fixed.
  • While troubleshooting or repairing electronics, prudence and safety precautions should always be used.
  • If you are hesitant or uncomfortable with the procedure, asking for a professional technician’s assistance is important.
  • A broken Sony TV may be fully functional again and give hours of enjoyment with the right diagnostic and repairs.


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