Vizio TV Keeps Turning OFF (Proven FIX)

Vizio TV Keeps Turning OFF (Proven FIX)

Do you have a Vizio TV that often shuts off without warning? It’s a bothersome problem that might be difficult to fix. Fortunately, this blog article may be of assistance. We’ll provide you with the best instructions for mending your Vizio TV.

We’ll go through how to identify the problem and how to put some tried-and-true fixes into action. We’ll also provide some useful advice on how to prevent this problem from happening again. After finishing this article, your Vizio TV should operate normally once again with no unexpected shutdowns.

Vizio TV Keeps Turning OFF (Proven FIX)
Introduction to Vizio TV and the common issue of turning off

Reasons behind Vizio TV turning off

Vizio Televisions are excellent in terms of both price and quality. Unfortunately, many users could have a problem when the TV abruptly shuts off. This may be infuriating and interfere with your enjoyment of the show. Let’s look at some of the potential causes of your Vizio TV going off before we explore how to resolve the problem.

Power SupplyIt could first and foremost be a problem with the power source. Your TV may abruptly shut off if the power source is broken. The possibility of overheating also exists. Poor airflow might cause the TV to overheat and turn off if it is positioned there.
Remote ControlThe problem with the remote control is another possibility. Your TV may switch off if the remote isn’t working properly. A loose connection is another frequent problem. Your TV may switch off if the video or power cords are improperly connected.
Software IssueAnd last, it may just be a software glitch. Your TV may abruptly shut off if the firmware or software is out of current. These are the most typical problems that might cause your Vizio TV to shut off, however, there are a few more.
Reasons behind Vizio TV turning off

Troubleshooting steps to fix Vizio TV turning off

Troubleshooting steps to fix Vizio TV turning off
Troubleshooting steps to fix Vizio TV turning off

Nothing is more annoying than a Vizio TV that is constantly shutting off. Thankfully, you have a few troubleshooting options at your disposal to attempt to solve the problem.

  • Then, verify sure the power wire is securely attached to the TV and the wall socket. Verify the outlet is functional by plugging in a different appliance, such as a light or fan. You may need to buy a new cord if the old one is broken or loosened.
  • Examine the remote next. Further to checking the batteries, try pushing and holding the top two buttons together for 15 seconds to reset the remote.
  • Try a power reset last. For at least five minutes, unplug the television from the wall. Then connect it again and turn it on. Press and hold the power button for at least 30 seconds to attempt to reset it if it won’t come on.
  • You may need to get in touch with Vizio support or a certified expert to inspect the internal wiring if all of these measures are unsuccessful. A broken component or a bad connection might be to blame for the problem.

Most of the time, one or more of these troubleshooting techniques will fix the problem.

Proven fixes to Vizio TV turning off issue

Proven fixes to Vizio TV turning off issue
Proven fixes to Vizio TV turning off issue

You are not alone if you have a Vizio TV and have had the problem of it abruptly shutting off. There are various tried-and-true solutions that might help you get your Vizio TV back up and running since this is a typical problem.

The power cable has to be connected to your TV and wall outlet appropriately as the first step. Moreover, make sure the power cable is undamaged in any way.

a youtube video on how to fix vizio tv

After the power cable is securely attached, ensure sure the power switch on the back of your TV is in the “ON” position.

If your TV keeps unexpectedly shutting off when the power switch is in the “ON” position, you should attempt to reset the TV by disconnecting the power cable for at least 10 seconds before putting it back in.

You should search for and install any available firmware upgrades if the problem continues. You may do this by choosing “Firmware Update” from the “Settings” menu on your TV.

It is advised that you get in touch with the Vizio support staff for further help if none of these options resolve the issue. They may be able to provide further troubleshooting tips or suggest replacing your TV.

How to prevent Vizio TV from turning off

There are a few things you can do to stop your Vizio TV from going off.

  • To start, look at your power settings. A common “Auto Shutoff” function on Vizio Televisions may make the TV switch off after a certain amount of time if it is turned on. The Auto Shutoff option may be deactivated by navigating to Settings > System > Power saving on your TV.
  • Checking the power cord of your TV is the next action to perform. A frayed or broken cable may result in the TV turning off. In this scenario, a new cord will need to be purchased.
  • You should inspect your HDMI cables in the third step. These may result in your TV turning off if they are broken or improperly connected. Make sure your HDMI cables are properly attached and undamaged to avoid this from occurring.
  • Resetting your TV’s settings is the fourth step. To accomplish this, head to the Reset & Admin option on your TV’s remote control by pressing the Menu button. Choose Reset TV to Factory Defaults when you get there.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Could Be Causing My Vizio TV to Turn Off?

Your Vizio TV might switch off due to a variety of problems.

A power surge, a bad power cable, a loose power connection, a television set, or a bad power source might all be to blame. It’s likely that a connector on the power supply was shaken free during a recent transfer or relocation of the television.

How Can I Fix My Vizio TV Turning Off?

Finding the source of a Vizio TV’s intermittent operation is the first step in fixing it. First, check sure the TV’s power connection is on the back and that the power wire is securely hooked to the wall.

If a power surge is the cause of the problem, make sure a surge protector is in operation, or think about buying one. Replace the power cable if it’s broken or loose. Consider turning off all energy-saving options if the problem is set. If the power supply is the problem, you may need to get in touch with Vizio for a replacement.


  • Many problems may be at blame if your Vizio TV keeps shutting off.
  • There might be issues with the power supply, overheating, or programming errors.
  • It is advised to start the diagnostic process by examining the TV’s connections, power supply, and settings.
  • If the problem continues, it is also advised to update the TV’s software or get expert assistance.
  • You may stop your Vizio TV from going off abruptly by determining the root of the issue and fixing it.


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