Vizio TV Sound Not Working? Here’s How to Fix It Fast.

Vizio TV Sound Not Working? Here's How to Fix It Fast.

Hey there, looks like you’ve found yourself in a bit of a pickle with your Vizio TV on the fritz again. No sound coming out of those built-in speakers, huh? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. In just a few quick steps, we’ll have your Vizio booming again in no time.

See, there are really only a handful of common issues that can cause a Vizio TV to lose sound, and they’re usually pretty easy to fix yourself without having to haul the thing into a repair shop or call customer service.

So grab your remote, pull up a seat, and let’s get cracking on bringing the sound back to your Vizio. By the time you finish this article, you’ll be set to get back to binging that show or blasting your favorite tunes.

Troubleshoot Your Vizio TV Sound Settings

a technician is resolbving the sound issue in tv
sound settings troubleshoot
  • First things first, check if your TV is on mute. We’ve all been there – frantically troubleshooting only to realize the volume was just turned down! If that’s not the issue, try cycling through your TV’s audio options.
  • Press the Menu button on your Vizio TV remote and select ‘Audio’ or ‘Sound.’ Ensure ‘Speakers’ is set to ‘On’ and try toggling between ‘Internal Speakers’ and ‘External Speakers (Optical).’ If using a soundbar or surround sound system, select that input. Still no luck?
  • Try a hard reboot. Unplug your TV for at least 30 seconds to reset it. While you wait, also unplug any external audio devices like a soundbar. Plug everything back in, turn on your TV and audio equipment, and see if your sound works.

Check if your Vizio TV firmware is up to date. Outdated software can sometimes cause sound problems. Select ‘System’ or ‘Settings’ and then ‘System Information’ on your TV.

Note the ‘Firmware Version’ number. Then visit Vizio’s website to check if a newer version is available. If so, download it to a USB drive and plug that into your TV to update.

In rare cases, there may be an issue with your TV’s internal speakers or audio circuit board. Try connecting external speakers like a soundbar to your TV’s optical digital audio out port.

If you get sound through the external speakers but not your TV’s built-in speakers, it likely indicates a hardware problem and you should contact Vizio support.

troubleshooting the sound issue

Vizio’s customer service can also troubleshoot over the phone or online chat if the steps above don’t solve your no-sound problem. They may even be able to schedule a technician to come assess and repair your TV if needed. With some patience and persistence, you’ll get your Vizio TV’s sound working good as new in no time!

Check Your Vizio TV Audio Cables and Connections

If you’re not getting any sound from your Vizio TV, don’t panic yet. There are a few easy things you can check before calling for service.

First, make sure your TV isn’t muted. Press the mute button on your Vizio remote to ensure the mute function is disabled. Sometimes it’s the simple solutions that fix the problem!

Next, check that your audio cables are securely connected. Double check that the cable connecting your TV to your sound system or speaker is properly plugged in at both ends. Wiggling or reseating the cable connections can often restore sound.

hdmi cable
hdmi cable is connected to tv

You should also verify that you have the correct audio input selected on your TV. Press the input or source button on your Vizio remote and cycle through the options until you see the input your audio device is connected to, such as HDMI 1 or Optical.

  • Selecting the proper audio input will direct your TV to play sound through your connected speakers.
  • If you’re using an HDMI cable to connect your audio device, you may need to enable HDMI audio in your Vizio TV’s settings menu.
  • Go to Menu > Audio and scroll to HDMI Audio. Select the HDMI input your audio device is connected to, such as HDMI 1. This will activate sound for that HDMI source.

Finally, check for any software or firmware updates for your Vizio TV. Outdated software can sometimes cause issues with audio and video performance. Update your TV to the latest version to ensure optimal functionality.

Update Your Vizio TV Firmware

To fix the issue of no sound coming from your Vizio TV, the first thing you’ll want to check is if your firmware is up to date. Vizio regularly releases software updates that provide security patches, new features, and bug fixes for issues just like loss of audio.

update the tv
updating the tv firmware

Updating the firmware on your Vizio TV is pretty straightforward. Here’s how to do it:

  • Go to the Vizio website and find the support section. Enter your TV’s model number to find the latest firmware update available for your specific model.
  • Download the update to a USB flash drive. The update will be a .zip or .pkg file. Don’t unzip it; just download the file directly to the drive.
  • Plug the USB drive into your Vizio TV’s USB port. Use the port specifically labelled “Service” or “Firmware Update.” If there’s no label, try any USB port.
  • On your Vizio TV remote, press the Menu button. Navigate to System, then Admin & Privacy, then Firmware Update.
  • Select “Update Now.” Your TV will scan for the update on the USB drive and install it. The TV may restart a couple times. Don’t unplug it during the update process.
  • Once the update is installed, remove the USB drive. Your Vizio TV should now have the latest firmware, which may resolve the no audio issue. If not, continue to the next steps regarding cables, inputs and resetting your TV.

Updating the firmware is always a good first troubleshooting step, and it helps ensure you have the latest technology powering your Vizio TV.

Be sure to check for updates periodically to keep enjoying your entertainment with crystal clear sound. Let me know if updating the firmware fixes your no audio problem or if you have any other questions!

Factory Reset Your Vizio TV

If your Vizio TV has suddenly lost sound, don’t panic. A factory reset is an easy first step that often resolves many issues, including no audio problems. It will restore your TV to its default settings, which may correct whatever glitch caused the sound to cut out.

Perform a Power Cycle

First, perform a power cycle on your Vizio TV. This means unplugging it from the wall outlet for at least 2 minutes. While it’s unplugged, press and hold the power button on the TV for 10 seconds to discharge any remaining power.

Then plug the TV back in, turn it on, and see if the sound is working again. Sometimes a simple reset is all that’s needed.

Access the Factory Reset Menu

a reset button for restiing the tv
resetting the tv to its factory setting

If a power cycle didn’t do the trick, you’ll need to perform a factory reset. On your Vizio TV remote, press the Menu button. Use the arrow keys to select ‘System’ or ‘Settings’, then select ‘Reset & Admin’ or ‘Reset TV to Factory Defaults’. This may be under an ‘Advanced’ settings menu.

Choose ‘Reset TV to Factory Defaults’

With ‘Reset TV to Factory Defaults’ highlighted, press OK on your remote. A warning message will appear asking if you want to restore factory default settings.

Choose ‘Yes’ or ‘OK’ to confirm. The TV will instantly go black and begin the reset process. It will start up on its own in a minute or two.

Set Up Your Vizio TV Again

Once your Vizio TV has restarted, you’ll need to go through the initial setup steps again, like selecting a language and connecting to your WiFi network. Be sure to also check for any software updates and install the latest version.

With any luck, resetting the TV to its factory settings will have resolved the no sound problem. If not, it may indicate a hardware issue and you should contact Vizio support for further help.

Contact Vizio Support for Additional Help

a girl with smiling face attending calls
contact the help support

If you’ve tried all the basic troubleshooting steps and your Vizio TV still has no sound, it’s time to contact Vizio support for help. They have several options to get your TV back to making some noise again.

Support OptionAvailabilityContact InformationRequirements
Live Chat7 days a week, 8 am to midnight Eastern timeSupport website on Vizio’s websiteTV model details and description of issues
Phone Support7 days a week, 8 am to midnight Eastern time(877) 698-4946TV model number, serial number, and detailed problem description
Schedule a RepairSupport unable to resolve the issue through troubleshooting; appointment scheduling required
Note: For schedule a repair, specific availability information is not provided as it depends on the technician’s schedule and your location. Repair costs depend on TV’s warranty status, and out-of-warranty repair fees typically start around $200.


  • And there you have it, a few quick fixes to get your Vizio TV’s sound working again in no time.
  • We know how frustrating it can be to lose your audio and have to troubleshoot, but hopefully one of these solutions did the trick for you. If not, don’t hesitate to contact Vizio support directly.
  • They’re there to help get you back to binging your favorite shows and movies as quickly as possible.
  • Now grab the remote, turn the volume back up and enjoy your entertainment with sound once again!


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